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Financial Statement


Newsletter - December 6, 2018

When Jesus said, "The field is the world" (Matt. 13:34) only He know how big that world was. Throughout the 38 years of our ministry our staff continues to be amazed at the growth of the distribution of our evangelistic materials. What started as a cassette tape ministry to truck drivers and prison inmates grew rapidly in the months preceding the start of Gospel Sunrise, Inc. with the addition of a gospel tape ministry.

The greater amount of the early growth started and continues in Africa. It soon spread to Central and South American countries and the Caribbean Islands. In more recent years distribution has gone to India, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. Evangelists in this island country have translated all 20 of our tracts and additional materials into their local language. They are printing and distributing them there. Malaysia is the latest country to receive our materials. At this time we have sent tracts, tapes and other materials into more than 60 countries.

All or a portion of our tracts have been translated into the following languages, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, Portugese, Italian, Telegu, Chichewa, Luganda, Swahili, Greek, Italian and French. Some are also translated into an Indian language.

This letter is being written in the Thanksgiving season. As a ministry, we have many things to be thankful for. Among the primary things are the prayers and contributions from individuals and church groups who have become part of this outreach. Among other valued gifts received are hundreds of thousands of new and used cassette tapes, cardboard boxes, new CD's rubber bands, Bibles, (200 more recently from the Gideons). Several years ago a printer gave us 300,000 of our tracts. Our office has been in the same building for 27 years. Our landlord has continued to give us a low rate on our rent. Thank you George Willi!

Also, we are grateful for the many volunteers who have helped us through the years as needed.

Our incoming mail has been greatly reduced in recent years. We believe this is due to the high postage rates in other countries. Some requests are coming via e-mail also Even with this reduction in incoming mail, we are unable to fill but a small amount of the requests.

When requests come, our first response is a 3 oz parcel containing 1 ea of our 20 tracts, a "how to use the Bible" bookmark, our statement of faith, a Bible study letter, and a Bible study article. The postage for this is $2.81 each.

When we have materials available, our "small box" contains approximately 1,700 tracts, 12 cassette tapes, a Bible and a New Testament, and other Bible Study materials. When larger amounts of tracts are available a box containing 4,000 tracts and the same materials are sent.

Through many years very many cassette tapes along with tracts were distributed in Mexico. Now, no tapes are needed for this country. Tapes are still needed and eagerly received in Africa Several years ago we received a report that 3 of our tapes were played to a crowd of 6,000 in a soccer stadium. I was stated that more than 500 people responded to the messages and went to the altar for prayer and counseling.  There is still one truck stop in Tennessee that distributes around 100 of our tapes per month.

Due to health reasons, Brother David Schrock has left our board. Brother Walter Landis has been elected in his place. Walter is very active in church and community outreach.

In the years of our ministry, approximately 30 million tracts have been distributed in 15 different languages. A conservative estimate would be less than 1% of the requests have been filled. Please continue to pray with us for the needed resources to enable us to send larger shipments. Also funds are needed for mailing costs. We often have mail waiting for the next contribution. We still have mail for South America waiting for funds. An order for 100,000 (a box of 5000 of each of our tracts) is $2,400. We are still saving more that $1.00 per pound by mailing with an air freight carrier.

Board Members-

Raymond Brunk, President

Walter Landis, Vice President

Vernon Graber, Treasurer

Reba Brunk, Secretary

Jonathan Lee